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Step 1

 Certified electrologist Sherry Giermanski, who’s also certified in the Alexandria Body Sugaring technique, preps client Vicky Grove’s legs with powder before beginning the hair removal process.

Step 2

Giermanski reaches in with gloved fingers to collect a generous amount of Alexandria Body Sugaring formula, a sugar-water-lemon concoction. The substance is kept warm in a small crock-pot-like device.

Step 3

Giermanski soothes the substance onto Groves lower leg. Unlike waxing, the sugaring formula is spread against the direction of the hair growth, and is kept at at mildly warm temperature.

Step 4

To remove hair, Giermanski gently flicks the substance back. Again unlike waxing, it’s tugged in the direction of the hair growth, which she says results in a less painful experience. The used substance shows removed hair in several stages of growth and dead skin cells.

Body sugaring offers gentle alternative for hair removal

The banner outside Sherry Giermanski’s East Boulevard office has attracted more than a few curious inquiries from passers-by. After all, what could “body sugaring” possibly be?

“They think it’s something exotic,” said certified electrologist Giermanski, who’s been in the electrolysis business for 25 years. But more and more folks are becoming familiar with the process. Now, Giermanski and her business partner, Ellen Dutton (a registered nurse as well as an electrologist), have a growing list of clients who come in for body sugaring, one of the latest hair removal trends.

A Sticky Situation

The Alexandria method, the type of body sugaring in which both Giermanski and Dutton are certified, uses a thick, warm, super-sticky concoction of sugar, water and lemon.

Getting down to work, Giermanski, working on the legs of longtime client and body sugaring devotee Vicky Grove, stuck a few gloved fingers into a pot of the mixture, collected a generous amount of and smoothed it onto a section of Grove’s right leg, which had already been cleaned and then primed with a bit of powder.

A Sticky Situation

Flick-flick-flick. The leg beneath is smooth, and the gooey used substance shows the evidence — removed hair in several stages of growth, as well as a good bit of dead skin cells. “It’s also an excellent exfoliant,” Giermanski said. Grove admitted the procedure wasn’t completely painless — after all, those were her hairs being yanked out here — but she said she finds the procedure more comfortable than the waxing treatments she’s also tried. Surprisingly, even after the sugary substance has been on the legs, there is very little sticky residue. Finishing up, she sprayed an astringent onto Grove’s legs for complete clean-up.
< sugar paste being applied to leg>

Grove's legs for complete clean-up.

While legs are a popular sugaring area, Giermanski said female clients come in for work on underarms and forearms, too. And an all-time favorite body sugaring process is the Brazilian, a very thorough hair removal process on the bikini area. Guys are also part of body sugaring’s growing fan base — she has about five to six men in every week, mostly to get rid of pesky back hair.One of the best perks of the product? Its all-natural base, Giermanski said.”It’s all natural — you can even eat it,” she said, proving her comment by nibbling a fresh bit of the concoction off a stick. “It sticks to your teeth a lot, but you can actually eat it.”

What is Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring?

It is a method of temporary removal of unwanted body hair that uses an all-natural sugar paste. The method’s practitioners say it is gentler and safer than waxing.  Sugaring can lead to hair growth reduction on certain areas of the body and is effective on men and women and all skin types.

Sugaring is all about the way in the hair is extracted…in the natural growth pattern instead of opposite like waxing.  There is less regrowth because hairs don’t break as easy when pulled out in the right direction.  Services offered at the office of certified electrologists
 Sherry Giermanski and Jessica Bond, Bella Johnson and Aleggra Penn.

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