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A “Brazilian” is one name for a style of removing all hair in the pubic region, front to back.  Some prefer to leave a small patch just above the vaginal area. Many clients request a Brazilian because it gives a clean, close removal of hair and the freedom to wear the most revealing swimwear.  Clients report by maintaining their Brazilian’s they have less urinary tract infections, yeast infections and better sexual relations with their partners because of  razor stubble that can cause skin irritation for both partners.  We suggest maintaining your Brazilin every 6 weeks.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE SCHEDULING YOUR FIRST TIME BRAZILIAN APPOINTMENT… Results are best when you allow your hair to grow out 4 to 6 weeks after using a straight razor.  Remember its not the length we need for a successful Brazilian, it the amount of hair that will grow when waiting longer than a week or two after using a straight razor. 

If you are worried about letting your hair grow, use an electric trimmer with a guard on it.  We need the hair to be no longer than 1/4 inch if you are trimming before your appointment. We suggest purchasing an electric trimmer if treatments are going to be  done routinely.             

Doctors say that although humans once needed protection against the elements, there’s no real clinical need for pubic hair in this day and age and clothing certainly provides ample protection and warmth. Some claim it’s more hygienic so your hair doesn’t absorb sweat, causing odor.

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